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Our Topic this half term is ...


'Who can help me?'


As you may already know, our topic last term was ‘What is my favourite nursery rhyme?’ which the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about. This half term our topic is about ‘People Who Help Us’.

The children will be learning about how there are lots of people who help us in the community, and it's great to learn about how they help us in our day-to-day lives. Some of these people help us in emergencies, like firefighters, police and doctors and nurses. If there is an emergency, you'll need to know how to get in touch with the right person to help you (however old you are).

Learning about this topic helps the children to make connections between themselves and the outside world. It aims to make them more aware of the different jobs and roles people take on in their own homes, in school and in their local community. It can help to calm any fears for children who worry about going to visit medical specialists or have concerns about intruders or fire. By educating young children about the people who try and prevent these things happening, or help us if they do, we are showing children the systems in place within our society to ensure that we live in a safe and supportive community.

Therefore, to support our understanding on this topic, we have invited community specialists into our classroom to share with the children their roles within the community. The children will have the opportunity to meet the police and the ambulance service who will be visiting us in school, and we will also be taking a local school trip visit to our local fire station.