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Reading at St Laurence CofE Primary


At St Laurence we consider the ability to read to be of the highest importance. Not only do we want our children to leave us as 'good readers', but ultimately we aspire to ensure our pupils become 'lifelong readers'. It is our hope to establish a passion for reading within our students during their time with us; that they regard reading as something they choose to do for pleasure, rather than as a chore. 


Bug Club

Our school has recently acquired a reading scheme called Bug Club that we are very excited to share with you. Bug Club is a whole-school reading programme that helps transform children into lifelong readers. As well as taking their normal books home (this will not change), your child will now have access to a range of eBooks via a personalised website. Bug Club works on PC’s, laptops and all tablet devices. We understand that with an ever increasing technological world, it is important to ensure that reading is still a priority for children, whilst also being fun and stimulating at the same time. Especially for children who may sometimes be reluctant to read.


More information about Bug Club and how to use it with your child can be found in the letter below:

Guided and Independent Reading 

Every day (excluding Friday which is Buddy Reading) a group of children participate in a Guided Reading session with the teacher and where possible, a second group with the Teaching Assistant in that class. When they are not reading with the teacher, children are given a purposeful activity to work on independently. This enables the teacher and teaching assistant to ascertain each child’s understanding of what is being read, and establish the pupils next steps.


Shared Reading

Each class has a daily Shared Reading session where the children all read a class book at the end of the day. Children take turns in reading and also listening to their peers and teachers. Spelling strategies are prompted and practised and teacher assessment is carried out through questioning of the texts.


Buddy Reading

There is also a ‘Buddy’ Reading system which is on the weekly timetable. Children from across the school visit their ‘buddy’ class. Each class splits into half; one half remains in their own class and the other half visits their ‘buddy’ class. This means that all children can partner up with another child from another class.


The aim of this exercise is for younger children to be able to read to and learn from older children whilst the older children are able to practise their reading skills on the younger children. This also adds a social element to reading and children find that they are able to approach and support others from different classes and Key Stages throughout the rest of the school day.