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The stage is set and we are all ready for our performance of 'Alice in Wonderland'!

Spring 2


Below are some pictures from our trip to Magna Science museum.  We looked around the different areas of the museum which include : fire, water, air and earth and then went to a workshop about sound.  The children really enjoyed the day, they were really well behaved.

sound workshop

Still image for this video

Autumn 2

During our science lesson we have been learning about Magnets.  We tested different objects around the room to see if they if they were magnetic. We had to decide if all metals were magnetic.


During our DT lessons we are looking at structures.  We used different materials to try and design a structure and see how tall we could build them.

Autumn 1 - Creative homework

Photo's 2021-22

DT - fruit tasting

This half term as part of our Design technology we are looking a fruit and veg and seasonality.  We did some fruit tasting so that later in the term we know which fruit we like to use them when designing a meal.

Sublime science

We were visited by sublime science.  The children had a great time watching and taking part in lots of fun and exciting experiments.

Summer 2

This half term we are learning about electricity.  We explored how circuits work and tried to make a bulb light.

Pneumatic toys

After a lot of hard work these are the finished product  and we are all very proud of them.

Summer 1 - DT

During our DT lesson today we learnt about pneumatics.  We tried to see how many books we could move with a balloon.

Creative Homework - Spring 2

Year 3/4 play Cinderella & Rockerfella 

World Book day

Design Technology

During DT today we made static electricity.  We talked about positive and negative charges.  We discussed how like charges repel each other opposite charges are attracted to each other.

Creative homework Autumn 2

I was so impressed with the creative homework again for this half term.  There are some fantastic piece which are displayed in school and will be till the end of this half term.  Well done to everyone who completed there homework.


This week in science we looked at the digestive system and how our body processes food.  We talked about the different stages and all the organs involved with  the process.  We then went on to recreate the process using objects as the different parts of system so the children could understand the process.  We had a lot of fun.

Parliament Week

During Parliament week we discussed what made up Parliament.  What was the job of an MP.  We talked about different political parties and made our own party with a particular theme they would be focusing on.  We discussed who was our MP.

Creative homework Autumn 1

Some photographs from out creative homework this half term.  I was so impressed with the work that had been produced these are just a few examples.

Trip to Speedwell Cavern - Castleton

Our trip to Castleton was fantastic and the children had a great time.  I have included a few photographs below.  Their behaviour was excellent and was very proud of how brave their all were.