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Visions and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission at St Laurence Church of England Primary School is to unlock the potential of every child and encourage ‘Life in all its fullness' (John 10:10). This is driven by our desire for creating a love of learning and through the values that are rooted in our school community. We ensure that our school is friendly, welcoming, vibrant and inclusive.

We pride ourselves in keeping our children safe and happy, inspiring them to become confident, independent, self-reliant lifelong learners and to believe that anything is possible. Our school has a shared collective commitment that sets no limits; high expectations of all children and all staff. We recognise and value the uniqueness and achievement of individual learners and of every member of our school family. The school celebrates the school’s Christian ethos and British values by teaching our children to be open-minded, tolerant of people’s differences, responsible, respectful and resilient. Children are encouraged to participate fully, learn through their mistakes and always try to do their best.

Our Vision

To continue to create a happy, secure, welcoming and stimulating learning environment in which all members of the school community can grow in confidence and develop their full potential.

We aim to encourage children to have pride and respect for themselves.

To develop awareness of moral, social and religious values.

To continue developing a broad and balanced curriculum that is creative, challenging and relevant.

We will inspire our children to be curious, determined and reflective.

To continue to build partnerships with parents and the local community.

To equip children with the resilience and perseverance to become creative and independent thinkers within in an ever-changing world.

To encourage ambition, provide equality of opportunity and create a window to the world.

Our Work

  • To work with and take advice from diocesan advisors and our local parish.
  • To advocate for the full inclusion of children and young people in the life of the Church.
  • To integrate ministry among children and young people with all other areas of the Church's life and mission.
  • To fully implement the curriculum, religious education and collective worship and guide the school character in line with our vision and the school community.

The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership

  • To work with opportunities provided: programmes and research for leaders in education that will equip leaders to achieve the bold vision for education in line with The Derby Dioecian Academy Trust.
  • To engage with the national movement of inspirational leaders equipped to transform education, so that we may foster wisdom, hope, community and dignity, and all children are able to flourish and experience life in all its fullness, regardless of their background or starting point.

St Laurence Church of England Primary School teaches and provides opportunities for children and staff to follow our vision during their school life.

These values and virtues are introduced and explained by the Head of School in Collective Worship and explained more fully by our interim vicar: Reverend Sam Tredwell from St John's in Long Eaton, who is supporting the school until a vicar is recruited at St Laurence Church, in successive Collective Worship in school.

As a school, we discuss virtues that help us as individuals as well as supporting others in our school and wider community.

For example:

Welcoming                    Friendship           Respect

Encouraging                 Hope                     Generosity

Awe and Wonder         Forgiveness         Truthfulness

Thankfulness                 Peace                   Courage

Wisdom                          Trust                      Compassion

Humility                          Endurance           Perseverance