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Safeguarding - How can I keep myself safe?

At our school we believe that everyone has a right to feel safe, both at school and at home.

The adults in charge of safeguarding at your school are:

Mrs Shields

Mrs Barker

Ms Ross

Mr Hallam

You can speak to them or any other adult if you are worried about something, and they will do everything that they can to help you.

Online Safety

The adults in your school can see anything that is typed into a computer that is not appropriate. If you are worried about something that you have seen online, tell an adult.

You can also report any online sexual abuse using this button:

Image preview

CEOP is here to keep children safe from sexual abuse and grooming online. You can make a report directly to the CEOP Safety Centre by clicking on the Click CEOP button if something has happened online which has made you feel unsafe, scared or worried. This might be from someone you know in real life, or someone you have only ever met online. CEOP take all reports seriously and we will do everything we can to keep you safe. As well as making a report to the CEOP Safety Centre, the CEOP Education website has information and advice to help you if something has happened to you online. Are you being bullied? CEOP are unable to respond to reports about bullying but if you’re being bullied and would like to talk to someone in confidence right now you can speak to Childline on 0800 1111 or talk to them online – no worry is too big or too small.