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At St Laurence Primary School we use the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. Phonics scheme. This is fully matched to the National Curriculum.

Read Write Inc. Phonics teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and compose their ideas step-by-step. We aim for each child to have a firm phonetic foundation to help build their reading and writing skills upon.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is the nationwide method of teaching children how to read and write from an early age. Your child will be taught how sounds are represented by written letters. For example, they will be taught that the letter ‘m’ represents an 'mmm' sound. It also helps them to understand how sounds can be blended together to make words. For example, they will be taught that the sounds of the letters ‘d-o-g’ blend together to make the word ‘dog’. Understanding phonics will also help children know which letters to use when they are writing words.

Please see below the sounds that the children are taught and how they are pronounced correctly: