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Maths Overview



Year 4 Maths Overview

Autumn 1

Unit 1 and 2 - Place Value to 4 digit numbers

Numbers to 100 and 1,000, number line to 1,000 and 10,000, comparing and ordering numbers, rounding, negative numbers and  Roman numerals to 100.

Unit 3 - Addition and Subtraction

Adding and subtracting 10,100s and 1000s, adding and subtracting up to two 4 digit numbers, estimating and problem solving.
Autumn 2

Unit 4 - Measure

Kilometres and Perimeter.

Unit 5 - Multiplication and division

Multiplying and dividing by 0,1,10 and 100. 6,7, 9,11 and 12 times table.
Spring 1

Unit 6 - Multiplication and division

Standard written method, multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit numbers, multiplying a 3 digit by a 1 digit number, multiplying more than 2 numbers, division with remainders, dividing a 2 and 3 digit number by 1 and problem solving.

Unit 7 - Measure – area

Counting squares, making shapes and comparing area.

Unit 8 - Fractions

Tenths and hundredths, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and fractions greater than 1.
Spring 2

Unit 9 – Fractions

Adding and subtracting fractions, problem solving and fractions of a quantity.

Unit 10 - Decimals

Tenths, dividing by 10, hundredths and dividing by 100.
Summer 1

Unit 11 - Decimals

Making a whole, rounding decimals, halves and quarters, problem solving and writing, comparing and ordering decimals.

Unit 12 - Money

Pounds and pence, ordering money, rounding money, estimating and problem solving.

Unit 13 - Time

Units of time, converting time and problem solving.

Unit 14 - Statistics

Charts and tables, line graphs and problem solving.
Summer 2

Unit 15 - Geometry – angles and 2D shapes

Identifying and comparing angles, classifying triangles and quadrilaterals and lines of symmetry.

Unit 16 - Geometry – Position and Direction

Describing positions, drawing on a grid, reasoning and describing movement.