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 Autumn 1
Unit 1 - Numbers to 100Count objects to 100, represent numbers to 100, represent numbers on  place value grid, learn about tens and ones, compare and order numbers, count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.
Unit 2 - Addition and Subtraction 1

Comparing number sentences, finding related facts, making number bonds to 100, adding and subtracting 1s, finding 10 more and 10 less, adding and subtracting 10, adding a 2 digit and 1 digit number, subtracting a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number. 


Unit 3  - Addition and Subtraction 2Adding two 2 digit numbers, subtracting a 2 digit number from another 2 digit number, adding three 1 digit numbers, solving word problems using a bar model.