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Learning Challenge

Autumn 1 2022 - Who was The Lady with the Lamp?

This term the children will be learning about Florence Nightingale. They will look at the following things:

Who was she? How did she change the conditions in the hospitals? Why do we still remember her today? By looking at different evidence, they will also learn how we can study significant events and people today. 

 Autumn 2 2022 - How Can We Deliver a Healthy Lunch to the Lighthouse Keeper?

 This terms learning challenge is based on the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage.   We will be designing a healthy lunch thought our Science lessons and designing a vehicle using wheels and axles in our Deign and Technology sessions. We will also be investigating this question and exploring   solutions to the problems in our English unit about explanation texts.

Spring 1 2023 - What Lives Under the Sea?

This half term we will be asking ourselves, ‘What Lives Under the Sea?’ and looking at creatures that live under the sea and their habitats. We will be looking at the oceans and continents of the World as well as the location of the equators and the Poles.

Spring 2 2023 - ‘What are the Similarities and Differences between Nottingham and Kolkata?’ 

This term we will be learning all about India and in particular Kolkata. We will focus on the different climates and important landmarks, as well as the similarities and differences between food, music and culture.


Summer 1 2023 - How Does Your Garden Grow?

This term we will be getting out and about and learning all about all different types of common plants, including flowers and trees. We will be going on a plant hunt and recording what we find. We will need to identify a range of common plants and know their names. We will be growing sunflowers and beans and finding out what they need to survive. 

Summer 2 2023 - How Have Seaside Holidays Changed?

This term we will be looking at events beyond our living memory and ordering events in time. We will be looking at how seaside holidays have changed since the Victorian era and what we like about the seaside. We will also be looking at the coastline and learning some associated vocabulary.

Autumn 1 2023- How am I making History?

This term we will be looking at our personal history and creating timelines to show how we have changed throughout the history of our lives so far. We will also be looking at how people celebrated events in the past and comparing them to life now.

Autumn 2 2023- Are all pictures Art?

This term we will be exploring different art and considering if all pictures are art. We will be exploring how art makes us feel and recreating pieces inspired by an artist.