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Learning Challenge

Autumn 1 - How did the Great Fire Change London?

This term the children will be learning about the Great Fire of London. They will look at the following things:

When it happened, how and why it spread and the impact it had on London. By looking at different evidence, they will also learn how we can study historical events today. 

 Autumn 2 - Are All Pictures Art?

 This term we will be studying two different paintings, exploring the artists and making comparisons. We will then attempt to answer the question based on our own opinion and evidence collected.


St. George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello (1470)

 George and the Dragon by Wassily Kandinsky (1915)

 Summer 1 2022 - How are Toys Nowadays Different to Those in the Past?

This term we will be looking at toys, then and now and making comparisons between the two eras. We will be making our own toys including a moving monster. We will be looking at instructional texts and completing cross-curricular work with English, D&T and History.