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Learning challenge

Summer 2 - what part would you play in the industrial revolution?

We will be learning about the Victorian era, about the different inventions and how they have effected life today.  We will look at the impact it had on modern day life as well as the impact it had on Long Eaton.  We will consider life in Victorian Britain and the effects of such things as the development of electricity and use of gas as well as the more negative things such as the treatment of the poor and the workhouses. 

Summer 1- 

This half term, we will be learning about clothing and how it has changed over the centuries.  We will look at the development of clothes from the Neolithic period and through to modern day. We will look at how clothes changes from the use of animal skin through to synthetic fabrics, from simples outfits to more modern and complex designs.  We will compare and contrast outfits from different eras and how they have changed.

Spring 2 -Would you open Pandora's box?

This half term we will be learning about Ancient Greece. We will learn where Greece is and how it has changed.  We will look at daily life in Ancient Greece and compare it to how we live today. We will learn about the beginning of the Olympic games, what sports are included and how the games turned into a large sporting event.  We will also focus on the birth of democracy and what that meant in Ancient Greece.

Spring 1 -Would you survive a natural disaster?

This half term we will be looking at a variety of different natural disasters.  These will include ones that come from deep within the earth such as earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis.  We will also look at ones caused be weather such as tornadoes , hurricanes and wildfires.  We will look at how they are created as well as the impact on our planet.

Autumn 2 - What do you think about art?

This half term during our learning challenge lessons will have an art focus.  We will be looking at a range of different artists including :David Hockey, Paula Rego, Edward Hopper, Pieter Brueghel and Fiona Rae.  We will consider how artist convey their feelings and emotions through their art.  As well as thinking about the different mediums that they use and what messages they are trying to convey.


Autumn Term 1- Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

This term we will be finding out about the Anglo-Saxons, from how they ploughed the fields and sown crops, to honing their skills as craftsmen, metal workers and beautiful jewellery makers. 

As part of our cross curricular links we have been learning about Anglo Saxons during our English lessons and have written an information text about Anglo Saxon Houses .