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Learning Challenge

Year A 2022/2023

Summer 1 - What's the Matter?

In this half term, we are learning about properties of materials and investigating their: hardness, transparency and magnetism. We will also be exploring the causes of the Second World War and finding out the impact of the war on us today. In PE, we will be practising our athletics skills with a focus on running, jumping and throwing.

Spring 2-Where Does The River Flow?

In this half term we will be finding the locations and key facts about rivers around the world. We will be learning about how rivers are formed and their course. In French, we are learning to speak and write about our houses and where we live. In Science, we are investigating light and how it travels including how this enables us to see. 

Spring 1- Evolution or Inheritance?

We are travelling back to the stone age this half-term to discover how people develop farming and settlement. We will be writing a news report about Skara Brae and debating the origins of Stone Henge. In Science, we will be finding out which characteristics are inherited and which are the result of adaptation. 

Autumn 2- What Keeps Me Alive?

This half term we are learning about the circulatory system, including the heart and lungs. We will be writing an explanation text about how they work. In geography, we will be learning about Trade and Economics and finding out how global trade effects what we buy and sell in the UK.  


Autumn 1-Who Will I Be in The Future?

In this half term we will be exploring the life cycles of animals, including humans. We will also be learning about families and relationships, including marriage and respect. 

In History, we will be learning about the Shang Dynasty.


Year B 2023/2024

Autumn Term 1- What did the Greeks do for us?

This term we will be finding out what the Greeks invented and how they have influenced our lives in modern times. We will also be finding out about planets and the solar system is Science and French.

Autumn Term 2- How Can I Make My Voice Heard?

This term we will be exploring how different artists have made their own, and others', voices heard through their artwork. We will be looking at a variety of artists including Picasso, Damien Hirst and Kathe Kollwitz.

Spring Term 1- How can I help save the world?

This term we will be learning about the different biomes and how they are affected by climate change. We will be writing a persuasive text about the use of palm oil and discovering how we can make changes to help the planet.

Spring Term 2- Who were the Maya?

This half term we will be investigating The Maya people and their civilisation. We will be exploring their homelands and their way of life. In geography we will be comparing Mexico to the United Kingdom. 

Summer 1- Can I generate, design and create?

This half term we will be focussing on Design Technology and designing an automata toy for a shop window display. In English, we will be writing instructions to make the toy and then making it using cams and wooden dowels for movement. In Science, we will be learning about Forces as pushes and pulls.

Summer 2-How did Eyam save England?

This half term we will be visiting the village of Eyam in Derbyshire to find out how they protected the rest of the country from an outbreak of plague in the 1600's. We will be investigating the 'cures' and protective measures put in place and comparing them to present day. In Science will be investigating electricity and in DT we will be creating our own recipes.