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Learning Challenge


Could you survive a natural disaster? 

We have been learning about volcanoes and earth quakes.  We have written an information text about volcanoes and we are now writing a story about Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius erupting.  We have learnt about different types of rocks and investigated if they are durable, permeable or how dense the rock was.  We had a fun afternoon and we were really lucky that some of our parents were able to join us. 


Who were the Anglo Saxon? 

We have lots of fun things planned to do including designing and making an Anglo Saxon settlement. Our science topic is "Humans as Animals" and we will be learning about our digestive system and about our teeth. 


Would you open Pandora's box?

This learning challenge is based on the Ancient Greeks.  We will be learning about democracy, the first Olympics and all about the Greek gods.  We will be writing a newspaper article in English, based around the story of Pandora's box and printing mosaics in our art lessons.


How can you save the Rain Forest?

During English lessons we are writing persuasive text to try and stop people from destroying the Rain Forest.  During our learning challenge we are learning about where Rain Forests are and what the environment is like, and why it is so important to save them. During our science lessons we are learning about living things and how we can group them.