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Learning Challenge

Autumn 1

Jesse Boot
This half term the children have learnt about the founder of Boots the Chemist.  When he set up his first shop, and how his business developed over the years.  They have learnt about medicines, why it is important to handle them carefully and which are safe to use and why.

Autumn 2



This half term we are learning about when women got the vote.  We will be learning about what life was like for women at that time. What made women want to vote and the lengths that they went to in order to eventually get the vote.  This work will be cross curricular and will be covered in English and music as well as Learning Challenge.  We will be holding a theme day and the children will come to school dressed as Suffragettes, we will have lots of fun making posters and banners as well as singing songs. 

Spring 2


This half terms topic is Flow.  We will be looking at the different rivers of the world.  We will begin by looking at the water cycle and moving onto the journey of a river from its source to the mouth.  We look at the effects of pollution on our water ways. During our Design  Technology lessons we will be looking at a balance diet , the difference between processed and fresh foods as well as the use of good hygiene.  During our English lessons we will be  writing a warning tale based on the text ' The canal' .  Our Maths focus is aspects of measure as well as fractions and decimals.  Our RE focus is Sikhism looking at the 5K's, the holy book and temples.

Spring 1

Blue Abyss

This half term we will be looking at our oceans and seas of the world.  We will be looking at the different creatures that live in our oceans, using our science skills to classify creatures looking at how they have adapted their environment.  We will look at the effects these creatures have on the environment that they live in. We endeavour to study  the work by David Attenborough and how he highlights the plight of different animals around the world.  During our English lessons we will be focusing on a book called Flotsom.  A picture book about a boy who finds an amazing camera that has taken fantastic pictures of creatures that live under the sea.  We will write stories based on this book focusing on descriptive language. During our maths lessons we will focus on fractions  and measurement.  Looking at different ways to solve calculations.