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Half Term Curriculum Overview




Information Text/Settings

Using generalisers and connectives

Using provisional statements - usually, seem to be, tend to be 

Include  technical vocabulary to increase specificity

Make references to sources of evidence -  Most people know that, some people believe…

Use a range of sentence length, structure and type 

Write for different purposes and audiences

Planning and drafting writing

Summarising longer passages

Prepare and present information orally 

Participate in discussions by listening to others and building on from what has been said

Online Safety 

Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/ unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concern about content and contact.

Identify some different types of biblical texts, using

technical terms accurately.

Explain connections between biblical texts and Christian

ideas of God, using theological terms.

Make clear connections between Bible texts studied

and what Christians believe about God; for example,

through how churches are designed.

Show how Christians put their beliefs into practice in worship.





Year 5

Place Value within 100,000

Place Value 1,000,000

Addition and Subtraction

Graphs and Tables/Multiplication and Division


Year 6

Place Value within 10,000,000/Four Operations of Number

Four Operations of Number

Four Operations of Number/ Fractions


Shang Dynasty

The children will learn who the Ancient Shang people were, where and when they lived, using maps and atlases to locate Shang cities. They will also learn about the role of the king, the religious beliefs and rituals of the Shang people and how oracle bones were used in divination ceremonies.

South and West Africa

Recognising and confidently discussing the stylistic features of different genres, styles and traditions of music using musical vocabulary.

Comparing, discussing and evaluating music using detailed musical vocabulary. Developing confidence in using detailed musical vocabulary (related to the inter-related dimensions of music) to discuss and evaluate their own and others’ work. 

Singing songs in two or more parts, in a variety of musical styles from memory, with accuracy, fluency, control and expression.  Working as a group to perform a piece of music, adjusting dynamics and pitch according to a graphic score, keeping in time with others and communicating with the group. 




Describe the changes as humans develop to old age.


Describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird.


Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.


To research and adopt the style of a famous group of painters

To apply an understanding of line and repeated pattern

To design and make a prototype as part of a group

To create a repeated pattern through printing

To analyse and evaluate artwork

Gymnastics imoves Planning



To learn how to spin on point and with travel

To be able to create and perform the travelling part of a routine.


To learn and understand the different stages to performing a forward roll


To learn and understand how to perform a range of balances including counter balance and counter tension

To be able to create and perform the balancing part of a routine and be able to link it to the travelling and rolling sections.


To learn how to jump safely off a range of equipment

To be able to create and perform the jumping part of a given choreography.


To be able to learn a range of techniques using a ribbon

To be able to create the apparatus (ribbon) part of a routine and be able to link it to the jumping section.




To know that marriage is a legal commitment and is a choice people

can make.

To know what attributes and skills make a good friend. 

To understand what might lead to someone bullying others. 

To know what action a bystander can take when they see bullying

To design a playground with a variety of structures

To build a range of structures

To improve and add detail to structures

To create surrounding landscape

Pronounce new vocabulary accurately

Say if I play a sport and if I like a sport

Write sentences about what sports I play and like

To learn the words in French for countries around the world

I can conjugate the verb ‘to go’ and say I or someone else is going to a country

Things to look for and do at home

Other Information

See creative homework



Swimming-Year 5 Wednesday