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Half Term Curriculum Overview




Information Text/Wishing Tale

Using generalisers and connectives

Using provisional statements - usually, seem to be, tend to be 

Include  technical vocabulary to increase specificity

Make references to sources of evidence -  Most people know that, some people believe…

Use a range of sentence length, structure and type 

Write for different purposes and audiences

Planning and drafting writing

Summarising longer passages

Prepare and present information orally 

Participate in discussions by listening to others and building on from what has been said

Online Safety 

Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/ unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concern about content and contact.

Creation & Science: Conflicting or complementary?

Outline the importance of Creation on the

timeline of the ‘big story’ of the Bible.

Identify what type of text some Christians

say Genesis 1 is, and its purpose.

Weigh up how far the Genesis 1 creation

narrative is in conflict, or is complementary,




Place Value within 100,000

Place Value 1,000,000

Addition and Subtraction

Graphs and Tables/Multiplication and Division


Ancient Rome 

Locate Rome on a world map

Locate and name counties and cities of the UK

Understand the significance of roads and rivers for trade

Develop increasingly secure chronological knowledge and understanding of history, local, British and world

Put events, people, places and artefacts on a time- line

Use correct terminology to describe events in The Roman Empire

Understand why The Romans are significant in British History

Composition Notation (Ancient Egypt)

Identifying how the key features of music are written down, by following a score whilst listening

Creating a sound story using voices and instruments, and notating it using hieroglyphs.

Performing accurately from graphic notation using voices and instruments





Earth and Space

Describe movement of Earth and planets relative to the Sun 

Movement of moon relative to Earth 

Describe Sun, Earth and Moon 

Explain day and night

Use scientific language 

Make predictions 

Introduction to Sketch Books

Further develop drawing from observation. Draw using perspective, mathematical processes, design, detail and line.

Control brush strokes and apply tints and shades when painting. 

Paint with greater skill and expression.

Develop ideas through sketches, enhance knowledge, skill and technique using experimental media in sketchbooks.

Express thoughts and feelings about familiar products. Design new architectural forms, design and invent new products, link artwork to literary sources.

Create and invent for purposes.

Regularly analysing and reflecting on their intentions

and choices.





Drug Education

Knowing how to make informed choices.

Identifying a range of drugs/substances

and assessing some of the risks/effects.

Identifying influences and when an influence

becomes a pressure.

Developing skills of how to ask for help.

Identify basic emergency procedures.

Understanding the term 'habit' and why

habits can be hard to change.


Exploring how to create a strong beam

• Identifying arch and beam bridges and understanding

the terms:compression and tension

• Identifying stronger and weaker structures

• Finding different ways to reinforce structures

• Understanding how triangles can be used to reinforce bridges

• Articulating the difference between beam, arch, truss and suspension bridges

Space Exploration in French

Completing a gapped text with key words/ phrases, e.g. planets

Writing explanations

Gisting information from an extended text e.g. solar system

Reading carefully and showing understanding of simple writing

Describing things in writing

Exploring patterns and sounds of language

Things to look for and do at home

Other Information

Make a mosaic using card, paper or smashed ceramics (with permission and help!)

Make a model of the solar system (if it had a moving element that would be really cool!)

Practise spelling and times tables every week

Read at least 3 times a week