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Half Term Curriculum Overview





Identifying the features of a persuasive text

Identifying and defining key vocabulary

Developing arguments for persuade



Reading and appreciating a variety of poems

Performing poetry

Composing poetry using a model


Word Processing on Google Docs

To know what a word processing tool is for.

  To add and edit images to a word document. 

To know how to use word wrap with images and text. 

To change the look of text within a document. 

To add features to a document to enhance its look and usability. 

To use the sharing capabilities in Google Docs 

To use tables within to present information. 

To introduce children to templates.

Why do people go on pilgrimages?

Identify what pilgrims hope for from their religious journey and suggest ways in which this has an impact on their life

Explain the meaning of pilgrimage for some believers 

Suggest meanings in the practice of Hajj and make links to Muslim beliefs, stories and commitments

Ask some thoughtful questions about why pilgrims choose to undertake a pilgrimage and suggest some possible answers about the relationships between pilgrimage and faith

Express their own ideas about the value of times of reflection, repentance, journey, remembrance





Geometry - position and direction 


Biomes and Climate Change 


Identifying biomes

Identifying causes and consequences of climate change

Dynamics and Texture 

Appraise work of a famous composer - Felix Mendelssohn

To improvise as a group, using pitch and dynamics 

To create a group composition using knowledge of dynamics,  pitch and texture 

To create a group composition which has changes in dynamics, pitch and texture




Plants and Life Cycles

Identify parts of a flower

Know the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction

Describe  methods of pollination

Identify plants that reproduce asexually

Describe ways to grow plants except from seeds

Identify stages of sexual reproduction in plants

Understand life cycles of different animals and plants

Still Life 

Use new vocabulary:  Colour, line, tone, form, shape, pattern, texture.

Develop personal, imaginative responses to a theme. 

Use sketchbooks to develop new techniques and record ideas

Use tone and shadow. Manipulate tone for halo and chiaroscuro techniques.

Understand how artists manipulate materials to create texture.

Fluently sketch key shapes of objects when drawing. Create abstract compositions using knowledge of other artists’ work. 

Deepen knowledge and understanding of using line when drawing portraits. Develop greater skill and control. Study and apply the techniques of other artists.


Learning the skills and rules of the game of cricket

Working towards Aquatic Awards swimming certificates (Y6)




Health and Wellbeing 

Learning about the importance of relaxation and sleep; understanding how to cope with failure; learning how to set goals and how to achieve goals; living a healthy lifestyle; the impact of technology on mental health and wellbeing; creating resilience strategies; the benefits of immunisation; creating good habits.

Making Stuffed Toys

Learning to sew blanket stitch to join fabric

Applying blanket stitch so the space between the stitches are even and regular

Threading needles independently

Designing a stuffed toy considering the

main component shapes required and creating

an appropriate template

Considering proportions of individual components

Creating a 3D stuffed toy from a

2D design

Measuring, marking and cutting fabric accurately and independently

Creating strong and secure blanket stitches when joining fabric

Using applique to attach pieces of fabric decoration

Testing and evaluating an end product and giving

point for further improvements

Money and Numbers

Numbers to 1 -100 and beyond

Asking for things and quantities of things

Working with Euros

Developing an appreciation of a range of writing

Developing the ability to understand new words

Things to look for and do at home

Other Information

Make a collage of one of the pilgrimage destinations we have learned about in RE. 

Be inspired by nature: write some poetry. 

Plant some seeds and keep a diary as they grow.

Maggie Throup visit - Friday 21st Januray

Mental Health week - 1st February

NSPCC Number Day - 4th February 

Safer Internet Day - 8th February 

Break up for Half Term - Friday 18th February