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Half Term Curriculum Overview





Write a recount in the form of a diary.

Use a range of punctuation including colon, semi-colon, brackets.

Use relative clauses and subordinate clauses. 

Write a story focusing on integrating dialogue.

Use inverted commas and adverbs. 


To find out what a text-based adventure game is and to explore an example made in 2Create a Story.

To use 2Connect to plan a ‘Choose your own Adventure’ type story.

To use 2Connect plans for a story adventure to make the adventure using 2Create a Story. 

To introduce an alternative model for a text adventure which has a less sequential narrative.

To use written plans to code a map-based adventure in 2Code. 

Explain connections between the story of Moses and the concepts of freedom and salvation, using theological terms.

Make clear connections between Bible texts studied and what Christians believe about being the People of God and how they should behave.

Explain ways in which some Christians put their beliefs into practice by trying to bring

freedom to others.

Identify ideas about freedom and justice arising from their study of Bible texts and comment on how far these are helpful or inspiring, justifying their responses.




Naming the parts of a circle. 

Knowing the difference between radius, diameter and circumference.

Design and build nets

Read line graphs and pie charts

Interpret tables 

Find averages

Solve problems 

Develop increasingly secure chronological knowledge and understanding of history, local, British and world-The Plague

Put events, people, places and artefacts on a time- line

Use correct terminology to describe events in British History

Describe and begin to make links between main events, situations and changes within and across different periods and societies

-link to more recent pandemic

Begin to offer explanations about why people in the past acted as they did-villagers of Eyam

Understand why Eyam is a significant place for British/World history


Participating in a group performance to tell a story. 

Performing a vocal ostinato as part of a layered ensemble

Identify the features of songs from musical theatre. 





Associate with brightness of bulb/volume of buzzer with number and size of cells used 

Give reasons for variations in how components function - including on/off switch

Using correct symbols in diagrams 

Take measurements using range of scientific equipment 

Plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including variables 

Record data and results 


Ultimate Frisbee




Understand the role of pressure groups.

Understand the value of diversity in society, including significant individuals.

Understand some environmental issues relating to food and food production.

Understand the importance of caring for others and that we all have a responsibility to care for things and people around us.


Use possessive pronouns.

Name members of the family.

Write sentences in French using French adjectives. 

Use a French dictionary. 

Understand that word order is different in French than English.

Things to look for and do at home

Other Information



Get creative!! As we are going to Eyam to learn about the Plague, you could create a model of a plague mask OR make your own, improved version of a plague mask!! 


Due in the week before the last week of term. 


5th July - Trip to Wollaton 

6th July - Y5 Maths Challenge Day 

12th July - Sports Day

14th July - Dress Rehearsal 

15th July - Hoodwinked! Performance 

15th July - School Reports 

19th July - Church Service 

22nd July - Leavers service at school