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Did you know facts...

Did you know that the Bishop of Kolkata was an orphan and actually went to a CRS school when he was younger?

The Bishop of Kolkata

Did you know that if you are wearing an analogue watch and turn it upside down, it actually shows the time it is in India! If you don't believe me, why not give it a try?
Today I came across a really interesting idea for how to make throw away cups instead of using plastic. In India single use cups are made out of clay. When you are finished with the cup they are often thrown in the gutter. Because they are made of clay, it is broken down as it is washed down the drain where it finds its way back to the river where it can be collected again and remade into cups. No plastic, no waste!
While we have been travelling around Kolkata, we have noticed that the scaffolding is all made out of bamboo! The picture I have taken shows the scaffolding up close near Mother Teresa's tomb.