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China Class D.T. project - can I design my ideal playground?

China class have had a very busy week designing and making their ideal playgrounds. They learnt about aerial views and how to join different materials together. They also learnt how important it is to work together in partnership. I'm sure you'll agree that the finished products are amazing!

Vincent Van Gogh 

We have spent this term studying Vincent Van Gogh. We found out when he was born and where he grew up. We discovered that he painted many different paintings and got to choose which one was our favourite. Most surprisingly, we found out that he didn't sell a painting while he was alive! Towards the end of this half term, we have focussed on his painting of the Sunflowers and tried to recreate the painting in the classroom. 

Observational art - carnations by China class

China class have been thinking about what Easter and Jesus means to Christians. We created this wonderful class cross together as Jesus cares for all of us.

We have spent some time investigating the properties of shape. We have categorised shapes based on their characteristics.

We made tiger sculptures out of clay.

We painted our sculptures to look like real Indian tigers!

Science week